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Our philosophy is to do 1 thing great. Unlike other companies and stores Dr. Thai has chose to only concentrate on 1 formula to make it the best thing you have ever tried.

He chose a topical for his method of delivery due to rapid nature of absorption and effectiveness in relation to getting the most relief. Also using a topical is far safer and avoids almost all drug to drug interaction versus a tincture or a pill.

We encourage our customers to use as much as you need. The key is to apply to the area of concern. The way the cream is developed there is no way of using too much. The topical is scientifically designed so that the more you use it, the more effective it becomes. This is based on it being naturally and targeting the proper receptors in the body.

We also encourage our customers to document their times of use and how much it relief it gives you. This way you can start figuring out the proper dosage you will need to use.

Of course! Take a look HERE.

Our plants are grown in both Colorado and Kentucky. They are grown to flower and then taken to harvest through an extraction facility. Large amounts of the harvest are put into a stainless-steel vat and then we blast carbon dioxide gas through it. This process brings the product down to sub critical temperatures (way below freezing) and starts separating out the plant waxes and cannabinoids. The terpenes are then extracted, and by the end of this process, the compounds are all separated.

Now the plant is basically a crude oil, which is around 20% CBD rich oil. After the next process of distillation, we produce a 60% pure, raw material. After even further refinement with a crystalline isolate, we get to 99.9% pure crystal: leaving only CBD. Once we have the pure CBD, we formulate it into a cream. A proprietary terpene blend is added with 2 key amino acid compounds. These 2 compounds have been added in specific dosages based on studies to help with neuropathic symptoms. The end product is what you see in front of you

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