“ Help is on it’s way! Let us help you not only fee again, but live again. Start enjoying life everyday again.“

A Letter From Dr. Bao Thai DC

Hey there, This is Dr. Bao Thai, the Founder and Creator of the Award Winning Rapid Nerve Rescue.

For over 10 years now, I have only treated neuropathy patients in my offices. I have seen every type of neuropathy you could ever think of.

My approach to neuropathy nerve care has always been doing no harm. Looking for new and innovative medical things that can help improve someone's quality of life. The approach has always been based on looking at nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and medical technology to create normal function in the body.

I created Rapid Nerve Rescue because I saw what the medications for neuropathy were doing to people. I heard stories that people had no relief from the medications they were taking.

I wanted to create something that was better, more effective, and had zero side effects for patients dealing with these issues.

My rapid nerve rescue has been proven to work. I am excited for you to finally get the relief you deserve. I know you are going to feel amazing once you start using our cream. Welcome to our family and know that we are here for you!

Dr. Bao Thai DC